API Design News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API design conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is designing their APis and the underlying schema used as part of their requests and responses.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
OData and Impact on API Design (video slides) (2012-06-03) apigee.com
API Design from Apigee - 3rd Edition (2013-01-16) apigee.com
API Design Development Guidelines (2013-02-16) dzone.com
New API Blueprint Format Basics?The Apiary Blog (2013-02-21) blog.apiary.io
Designing A RESTful API That Doesnt Suck (2013-03-24) devo.ps
Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API (2013-04-11) www.programmableweb.com
Connecting with APIs (2013-04-16) www.mashery.com
Machine Sensor Data, APIs and Productivity (2013-04-18) www.mashery.com
APIs are changing the game for data delivery (2013-04-23) www.mashery.com
Designing APIs for Humans (2013-04-25) john-sheehan.com
Sports APIs ? A Perfect Fit (2013-04-25) www.mashery.com
Want to Attract Developers to your API? Set Them Free (2013-04-26) www.mashery.com
API Design from Apigee (2013-04-26) apigee.com
API Design and Documentation (2013-04-26) www.digitalgov.gov
API Design and Architecture Boot Camp from Layer 7 (2013-04-26) www.ca.com
REST API Design Rulebook (2013-04-26) shop.oreilly.com
Three Ways to Think About API Design (2013-04-26) www.programmableweb.com
White House API Standards (2013-04-26) github.com
Stop Designing Fragile Web APIs by Mathieu Fenniak (2013-04-29) mathieu.fenniak.net
Platform Success Strategies: Communicate the Value of Your API (2013-04-30) www.mashery.com
Mashery + Intel = The Ultimate Mashup (2013-05-09) www.mashery.com
Omni-channel Explosion: Mashery Signs Strategic Agreement with NetSuite (2013-05-16) www.mashery.com
Consistency is Key When Designing APIs (2013-05-22) blog.strikeiron.com
Flying Higher with APIs (2013-05-23) www.mashery.com
Big Data, IoT, API...Newer technologies protected by older security (2013-05-30) www.mashery.com
API Hierarchy of Needs | API UX (2013-05-30) apiux.com
Swagger with WSO2 API Manager (2013-05-31) blog.cobia.net
Why you should treat your API like a product (2013-06-04) www.mashery.com
APIs vs. The Myth of the Omnichannel Retailer (2013-06-05) www.mashery.com
API Management ? The New Black? (2013-06-05) www.mashery.com
Web API Design Cookbook (2013-06-11) www.w3.org
API Design Wiki (2013-06-11) wiki.apidesign.org
Designing Hypermedia APIs (2013-06-11) www.designinghypermediaapis.com
API Design: Honing in on HATEOAS (2013-06-17) apigee.com
RESTful APIs: White House Sets The Standard(s) (2013-06-17) www.programmableweb.com
Data-Driven Aesthetics (2013-06-19) www.nytimes.com
When Good API Design is a Waste of Time (2013-06-19) www.apiacademy.co
API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 1 (2013-06-20) apigee.com
Get packing with Masherys API Packager (2013-06-21) www.mashery.com
Present your API as a Product ? API Portal Presentation Best Practices (2013-06-26) www.mashery.com
Better Rest API design 1 (2013-06-27) hao-deng.blogspot.com
Practical API Design: Confessions of a Java Framework Architect (2013-06-29) tinydl.com
Presenting your API as a Product ? Designing your API for Data Exchanges (2013-07-01) www.mashery.com
API Crafting Secrets: Into Flightstats APIs (2013-07-02) www.3scale.net
Signs youre veering from good API design (2013-07-03) blog.apiaxle.com
API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 2 (2013-07-03) blog.apigee.com
API Design: A New Model for Pragmatic REST (2013-07-04) blog.apigee.com
Treat Your API Users as Customers (2013-07-09) www.mashery.com
Micro Service Architecture (2013-07-09) yobriefca.se
Unlock your datas Potential - Treat your APIs as Products (2013-07-12) www.mashery.com
Joshua Bloch: Bumper-Sticker API Design (2013-07-27) www.infoq.com
4 Fresh Rotten Tomatoes API Integrations (2013-07-31) www.mashery.com
The Future of TV and APIs (2013-08-01) www.mashery.com
HOW USA TODAYS API POWERS PARTNERSHIPS (2013-08-06) www.mashery.com
The Importance of Impermanence in API Design (2013-08-06) www.programmableweb.com
The Future of Medical Technology is Already in Your Hands (2013-08-08) www.mashery.com
The Secrets of Awesome JavaScript API Design (2013-08-16) dzone.com
Api Design, Part 1: Rest Is The Leading But Not Only... (2013-08-20) www.forrester.com
Api Design, Part 4: Future-proof And Secure Your Apis... (2013-08-20) www.forrester.com
Api Design, Part 2: Design Messaging Styles By Balancing... (2013-08-20) www.forrester.com
Api Design, Part 3: Make Transactions And Error Handling... (2013-08-20) www.forrester.com
Designing APIs for Asynchrony (2013-08-24) blog.izs.me
MASHERY I/O DOCS - DOCS THAT ROCK (2013-08-27) www.mashery.com
JSON and XML (2013-09-03) developer.infoconnect.com
Learn how to find the Opportunity of Data at the 2013 Business of APIs Conference in San Francisco (2013-09-05) www.mashery.com
Apiary Is Growing (2013-09-17) blog.apiary.io
New API Blueprint available at Apiary (2013-10-02) blog.apiary.io
RAML - RESTful API modeling language (2013-10-02) raml.org
No more outdated API documentation! (2013-10-10) blog.apiary.io
How To Test REST API with API Blueprint and Dredd (2013-10-17) blog.apiary.io
APIs At The Heart of your Mobile App Strategy (2013-10-28) blog.akana.com
Designing APIs for the Internet of Things (IoT) (2013-10-30) www.apiacademy.co
More Thoughts on an API Commons (2013-11-10) www.3scale.net
The Human Aspects of API Design: An Interview with Apiarys Jakub Nesetril (2013-11-14) www.infoq.com
Jakub Nesetril, CEO of Apiary on Web APIs and Developer Experience (2014-01-28) www.infoq.com
Application Programming eXperience: It?s all about *X - Mobile Apps Stuff (2014-01-28) manfredbo.tumblr.com
A Practical? by D. Keith Casey Jr (2014-02-27) leanpub.com
FloridaSU Expands Innovation Lab with Cube 3D Printers (2014-02-28) www.3dsystems.com
API documentation made beautiful with Apiary.io (2014-02-28) www.itworld.com
APIs, Connectors and Integration Applications (2014-04-17) blogs.mulesoft.com
Toward a Lean API Strategy (2014-05-29) www.apiacademy.co
JSON vs simpleJSON vs ultraJSON (2014-06-02) blog.dataweave.in
API Manager ? Simple JAVA Client Access Example (2014-06-03) blogs.mulesoft.com
Wearables and Devices Will Drive a New Paradigm in Managing Clinical Data (2014-06-05) www.mashery.com
Happiness is a well-designed API | ZDNet (2014-06-06) www.zdnet.com
The Connected K-9 (2014-06-09) www.mashery.com
What is the ?Internet of Things? and how does it relate to APIs? (2014-06-13) www.mashery.com
New eBook: APIs and IT Rationalization (2014-06-16) apigee.com
Why You Should Care Netflix is Shuttering Its Public API (2014-06-18) blogs.mulesoft.com
Designing Irresistible APIs (2014-06-19) www.princesspolymath.com
What is a Developer Evangelist? (2014-06-23) www.mashery.com
API-Centric Data Architectures - Part II (2014-06-24) apigee.com
Hot off the press: 18Fs API Standards (2014-07-15) 18fblog.tumblr.com
The Real World Cup Winner: APIs (2014-07-16) blogs.mulesoft.com
Hot off the Press: 18F?s API Standards (2014-07-16) www.digitalgov.gov
Legos vs APIs ? Top Integration and API Articles of the Week (2014-07-18) blogs.mulesoft.com
HTTP Response Codes and You | OP3Nvoice (2014-07-23) clarify.io
Don?t just throw APIs at the problem! (2014-07-24) blogs.mulesoft.com
Upcoming Webinar ? Integrating Salesforce and SAP (2014-07-25) blogs.mulesoft.com
APIs: The Key to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse? (2014-07-25) www.mashery.com
Best Practices REST API from Scratch - Introduction (2014-07-25) www.sitepoint.com
Introducing the Anypoint Platform for APIs (2014-07-30) blogs.mulesoft.com
Reaffirming Intel Services? Connection with Developers and Open Source at OSCON (2014-07-30) www.mashery.com
API Management 2.0: Empowering the Enterprise for the Third Industrial Revolution (2014-07-31) www.mashery.com
Four Big Mistakes In Your REST API Strategy (2014-08-04) blog.dreamfactory.com
Stop Talking About Hypermedia and REST - Start Building Adaptable APIs (2014-08-05) www.mashery.com
Building an easier on-ramp: Introducing the Anypoint Templates Library (2014-08-06) blogs.mulesoft.com
Healthcare APIs: Just What the Doctor Ordered (2014-08-07) www.mashery.com
Retail Industry APIs and API Management: Helping Us Shop Til? We Drop (2014-08-14) www.mashery.com
Integrating Mule ESB with .NET Based Rules Engines (2014-08-19) blogs.mulesoft.com
MuleSoft Summit Heads to Chicago New York (2014-08-20) blogs.mulesoft.com
A drive by review of the Uber API (2014-08-20) www.bizcoder.com
Creating Bottom Line Growth by Aligning APIs and Market Trends (2014-08-21) www.mashery.com
Bizcoder - A drive by review of the Uber API (2014-08-21) bizcoder.com
WillowTree Apps Applies Service Virtualization to API Development (2014-09-25) www.programmableweb.com
API Readiness: do you have what you need? (2014-09-25) blog.smartbear.com
Designing APIs for the Web (2014-09-25) tehparadox.com
(2014-09-26) www.futureinsights.com
REST APIthy: #ReadFielding (2014-12-02) rest-apithy.blogspot.ca
Constructing URLs the easy way (2014-12-03) www.bizcoder.com
Restlet Studio, the First Cross-Language IDE for APIs (2014-12-03) restlet.com
The Core of Your API (2014-12-23) www.windley.com
What works with Nest at CES. (2015-01-05) nest.com
Lenovo gets into wearables with E Ink VIBE Band (2015-01-05) thenextweb.com
Samsung bets big on the Internet of Things with SmartThings subscription service (2015-01-05) www.theverge.com
ATamp;T Pitches IoT as Developers#039; Next Money Maker (2015-01-05) www.programmableweb.com
APIs Power the Internet of Things (2015-01-05) nordicapis.com
Lenovo?s wearable, the Vibe Band VB10, is a low-cost looker (2015-01-05) gigaom.com
Does One API Description Language Fit an Entire Enterprise (2015-01-06) blog.soa.com
Arcsofts Simplicam facial recognition feature can now tell who?s in your house (2015-01-06) www.theverge.com
What?s Next in Networking? (2015-01-06) www.connectorsupplier.com
Connecting Our History At The Digital Public Library of America Using APIs And JSONLD (2015-01-06) apievangelist.com
Server Skeletons In Restlet Studio And APISpark (2015-01-06) apievangelist.com
August, the Smart Lock Startup, Wants to Play With Others in the House (2015-01-07) blogs.wsj.com
Philips Hue at CES?aiming to be more than just simple colored lights (2015-01-07) hardware_software.complexdoc.ru
United Technologies Carrier Launches Smart Cor Thermostat (2015-01-07) www.nasdaq.com
Under Armour Debuts Fitness APIs Alongside Mobile Health App (2015-01-07) www.programmableweb.com
PubNub Rolls Out SDK for IoT Platforms (2015-01-07) www.programmableweb.com
Okidokeys Launches API for Smart Locks (2015-01-07) www.programmableweb.com
CES 2015: Closer to Connecting Billions of Things (2015-01-07) www.mashery.com
Processing Pebble Accelerometer Data (2015-01-08) www.straphq.com
ATT Introduces M2X To Ease Internet Of Things Development (2015-01-22) www.diversity.net.nz
Adafruit Io Adafruit Learning System (2015-01-22) learn.adafruit.com
Introducing the Organization Component in Codenvy (2015-01-22) blog.codenvy.com
Adafruit IO (2015-01-22) learn.adafruit.com
9 Examples of the Internet of Things That Aren?t Nest (2015-01-23) blog.percolate.com
Without Identity, the Internet of Things is Just Noise (2015-01-23) blog.gigya.com
IoT Protocols (MQTT, REST,CoAP, XMPP) and SOFIA2 (2015-01-23) about.sofia2.com
When Thinking Machines Break the Law (2015-01-23) www.schneier.com
Geist Leverages APIs in Next-Generation Data Center PDUs (2015-01-24) www.programmableweb.com
Arduino + Servo + Scotch tape == An Interesting Conversation (2015-01-24) hackaday.com
FTC suggests Internet of Things best practices to businesses (2015-01-27) www.zdnet.com
DIY Phone Charger Born From Cyclone Disaster (2015-01-27) hackaday.com
FTC to connected device makers: Focus on security and privacy (2015-01-27) www.engadget.com
Luna (2015-01-27) www.lunamattress.com
The Internet Of Things Just Got A Watchdog (2015-01-27) ww1.rss2twi.com
?Verizon launches security certificate service for IoT (2015-01-28) www.zdnet.com
An afternoon of Raspberry Pi with IoT Foundation (2015-01-28) developer.ibm.com
Why you must design your private API in english API Handyman (2015-02-08) apihandyman.io
(2015-02-14) www.bio-medicine.org
A Guide to REST API Design (2015-02-16) www.apiacademy.co
This talking dinosaur has a brain powered by IBM?s Watson supercomputer (2015-02-16) thenextweb.com
Senate hearing on Internet of Things emphasizes light regulatory touch (2015-02-16) linkis.com
Connect your TV, home, even your body, to the internet. But beware hackers (2015-02-16) www.theguardian.com
Connect Arduino GSM/GPRS Shield to a Mobile Cell Network (2015-02-17) www.pubnub.com
Octoblu IoT Platform Opens APIs to Developers (2015-02-17) www.programmableweb.com
The Best Internet Of Things Dividend Stocks Everybody Must Know (2015-02-17) community.tradeking.com
apiaryioapiblueprint Gitter (2015-02-17) gitter.im
Utilising API Blueprint in API Clients (2015-02-17) blog.apiary.io
Building an API-driven Ecosystem for the Internet of Things (2015-02-17) gigaom.com
How API Description Languages Enable API IDEs (2015-02-18) www.programmableweb.com
Community Debates API Specification Alternatives (2015-02-18) www.infoq.com
Beacons are moving out of the pilot phase and helping retailers and marketers revolutionize in-store shopping (2015-02-18) www.businessinsider.com
Explore MQTT and the Internet of Things service on IBM Bluemix (2015-02-18) www.ibm.com
New Part Day: Time Of Flight Sensors (2015-02-18) hackaday.com
IBMs ADEPT Project: Rebooting the Internet of Things (2015-02-18) www.windley.com
An Internet of Things that do what they#8217;re told (2015-02-19) radar.oreilly.com
The internet of things goes extraterrestrial (2015-02-19) gigaom.com
Collaborators New External API (2015-02-19) blog.smartbear.com
Using Templates for Documentation Driven API Design (2015-02-19) nordicapis.com
API Best Practices The Wrap Up (2015-02-20) blogs.mulesoft.com
TaskRouter and the Internet of Things (2015-02-20) www.twilio.com
Common sense meets the Internet of Things (IoT) (2015-02-20) disruptiveviews.com
LucyBot Eliminates CrossLanguage Programming Necessity (2015-02-20) www.programmableweb.com
Smart devices can make the insurance biz proactive, not reactive (2015-02-20) gigaom.com
MuleSoft Releases RAML NET Parser Visual Studio Extension (2015-02-20) www.programmableweb.com
Cheap USB Control for your Telescope (2015-02-20) hackaday.com
LucyBot Get your APIs consumers moving faster (2015-02-20) lucybot.com
Agri-Data Solution on Twitter: ""Im a Farmer. How do I get started with Farm Management Software?" http://t.co/U8JktfP8W0 #agdata #agtech #farmsmart http://t.co/V0AdD6DAtH" (2015-02-20) twitter.com
Im a Farmer. How Do I Get Started with Farm Management Software? (2015-02-20) blog.agri-data.net
?Canonical partners with Amazon, Microsoft, and others on Internet of Things (2015-02-20) www.zdnet.com
Using Templates For Documentation Driven API Design (2015-02-21) nordicapis.com
A Guide to REST API Design API Academy (2015-02-21) www.apiacademy.co
My Brain Dump On An API Definition Fueled Life Cycle (2015-02-22) apievangelist.com
embedded world 2015 Kontron presents a new IoT capable member of the KBox... (2015-02-23) www.kontron.com
Another Garage Door Opener, This Time With Security (2015-02-23) hackaday.com
Enterprises are unprepared for the impact of IoT on their networks (2015-02-23) disruptiveviews.com
ARM, Freescale and IBM offer a platform for industrial IoT (2015-02-23) gigaom.com
Linq Home Launches Energy-saving Smart Vent Crowdfunding Campaign (2015-02-24) www.virtual-strategy.com
Programming a Tessel Camera App with JavaScript (2015-02-24) www.pubnub.com
Chip firms put security center stage for the internet of things (2015-02-24) gigaom.com
What Makes an Agile API (2015-02-24) nordicapis.com
Metadesign The intersection of art design and computation (2015-02-24) radar.oreilly.com
Piana ? Musical Synthesis For The Raspberry Pi (2015-02-24) hackaday.com
Meet the Electron: a cellular dev kit with a simple data plan (2015-02-24) blog.particle.io
Testing the Internet of Things (2015-02-25) blog.smartbear.com
Keen Home (2015-02-25) keenhome.io
IoT: A Small Things Primer ? AWS Startup Collection ? Medium (2015-02-25) medium.com
The Internet of Everything Small Business Opportunities (2015-02-26) www.digitalgov.gov
Building an Industrial Control Unit With an Industrial Control Unit (2015-02-26) hackaday.com
Can ARM processors move the mobile network into the cloud? (2015-02-26) gigaom.com
IBM and ARM Partner Up To Sell Internet Of Things Starter Kits (2015-02-26) www.bidnessetc.com
Send SMS And MMS From Your Arduino Yun with Twilio (2015-02-26) www.twilio.com
Bizcoder Dont Design A Query String You Will One Day Regret (2015-02-26) www.bizcoder.com
Let Your Plants Tweet Using Spark and ThingSpeak (2015-02-27) community.thingspeak.com
Swiss watchmakers show off a new line of smartwatches (2015-02-27) www.theverge.com
Is Your Data Center Ready for the Internet of Things? (2015-02-27) blogs.site24x7.com
Canonical Starts to Build IoT Ecosystem (2015-02-27) www.programmableweb.com
The beautiful API and the bestial backoffice API Handyman (2015-02-27) apihandyman.io
Raspberry Pi GSM Hat (2015-02-28) hackaday.com
Hypermedia API maturity model Part I Hypermedianess (2015-02-28) apihandyman.io
STMicroelectronics unveils world?s first customizable wireless battery... (2015-03-02) www.power-eetimes.com
Dropbox starts using POST and why this is poor API design (2015-03-02) evertpot.com
Common Cases When Using SOAP Makes Sense (2015-03-02) nordicapis.com
ApplicationLevel Profile Semantics ALPS (2015-03-02) tools.ietf.org
Metadesign The intersection of art design and computation OReilly Radar (2015-03-02) radar.oreilly.com
The internet of things will rock your business and here?s how (2015-03-03) gigaom.com
Broadcom?s new Wi-Fi chip turns your phone into an IoT hub (2015-03-03) gigaom.com
My API Design Research (2015-03-03) apievangelist.com
SAP inks partnerships to extend Internet of Things services (2015-03-03) www.zdnet.com
Khronos unveils Vulcan: API for wearables, computers, cars and drones (2015-03-03) www.kitguru.net
Dropbox Sparks Controversy With API Design Decision (2015-03-03) www.programmableweb.com
Apigee Product Highlight Video SmartDocs (2015-03-03) apigee.com
POST effyouthisistherighturl RESTful API Design (2015-03-04) blog.cloud-elements.com
Tim O?Reilly: Silicon Valley is massively underestimating the impact of IoT (interview) (2015-03-04) venturebeat.com
(2015-03-04) apievangelist.com
New IoT Mode Conditions (2015-03-05) temboo.com
Solar Panel System Monitoring Device Using Arduino (2015-03-05) hackaday.com
Using Cheap Displays With The Raspberry Pi (2015-03-05) hackaday.com
Introduction To The IBM IoT Foundation (2015-03-05) www.slideshare.net
New Release of Eclipse Paho and Eclipse Mosquitto Continue Momentum of the Growing Open Source IoT Community and MQTT (2015-03-05) api.report
Developer Seeks Arduino Robotics API Funding (2015-03-06) www.programmableweb.com
Salesforce1 Lightning Components ? Working with Controllers (2015-03-06) developer.salesforce.com
If you want access to future Dropcam features, you?ll need a Nest account (2015-03-06) thenextweb.com
Fridge caught sending spam emails in botnet attack (2015-03-06) www.cnet.com
SMART bus driver helps lost child (2015-03-06) www.clickondetroit.com
Transparency, immediacy and productivity: How IoT will rock your biz (2015-03-06) gigaom.com
How the internet of things will power the Intelligence Age (2015-03-07) gigaom.com
Suddenly, everyones making computers you strap to your face. Heres a rundown of all the big players. (2015-03-07) www.businessinsider.com
Google Play Services 7.0 Adds APIs For Detecting Places And Connecting To Nearby Devices, Improves On Mobile Ads, Fitness Data, Location Settings, And More (2015-03-07) www.androidpolice.com
We Need An Open Library Of The Most Common Utility API Implementations (2015-03-07) apievangelist.com
USB Powered CD Lamp (2015-03-08) hackaday.com
Convert a Rotary Phone to VOIP using Raspberry Pi (2015-03-09) hackaday.com
Targeting Some APIs In My Stack For House Cleaning And Maybe Some Design Iterations (2015-03-09) apievangelist.com
Smart Luggage for the Connected Age (2015-03-09) www.nytimes.com
Ideal REST API design betim drenicas blog (2015-03-09) betimdrenica.wordpress.com
Smart Luggage for the Connected Age (2015-03-09) www.nytimes.com
SAP Prepares to Take On The Internet of Things, Announces String of New Partnerships (2015-03-09) www.trefis.com
Smart Luggage for the Connected Age (2015-03-09) www.nytimes.com
Smart Luggage for the Connected Age (2015-03-09) www.nytimes.com
Facebook Applies Versioning Strategy to Marketing API (2015-03-10) www.programmableweb.com
Google: IoT Can Help The Disabled - InformationWeek (2015-03-10) www.informationweek.com
Internet of Things, Wearable, Sensor and Data Technologies: Legend of Korra Cosplay (2015-03-11) netofeverything.blogspot.com
Internet of Things and 3D Printing Creating Paradigm Shift in Field Service Management (2015-03-11) sandhill.com
Amazon Web Services nabs Internet of Things developer platform 2lemetry (2015-03-12) www.zdnet.com
Spinning IoT Data into Recurring Revenue Gold (2015-03-12) www.ariasystems.com
Augmenting A Read Only API With AN External POST PUT And DELETE (2015-03-12) apievangelist.com
Juniper Networks lines up Internet of Things strategy for data centers (2015-03-12) www.zdnet.com
Accenture: Make Your Own Device (2015-03-12) acnprod.accenture.com
Introduction to the Tag Bus Data Framework (2015-03-13) decibel.ni.com
Send Windows Server Data to ThingSpeak using PowerShell (2015-03-13) community.thingspeak.com
10 Usability Lessons for APIs (2015-03-14) www.linkedin.com
How to Send, Receive and Delete SMS with IOT Devices (Arduino and GSM Shield) (2015-03-15) www.codeproject.com
Samsung Business launched to tap into IoT, enterprise market (2015-03-16) www.zdnet.com
Designing a Web API (2015-03-16) restlet.com
Why Your APIs Need Design Help (2015-03-16) www.digitalgov.gov
The Intelligent Forklift in the Age of the Industrial Internet of Things (2015-03-16) www.forbes.com
Adding Intelligence to IIoT in Factories and Utilities (2015-03-16) www.forbes.com
10 Internet of Things start-ups to watch for the future (2015-03-16) www.cbronline.com
Deconstructing IoT Mode Conditions (2015-03-17) temboo.com
20 API Design Tips to Stop Annoying Developers (2015-03-17) jergames.blogspot.com
How Brands and Publishers Are Thinking About Beacons (2015-03-18) streetfightmag.com
The API Field of Dreams Build It Correctly and They Will Come (2015-03-18) www.developer.com
Smart cities will house 9.7 billion IoT devices by 2020: Gartner (2015-03-18) www.zdnet.com
Diebold, Eagle Eye Networks Team Up To Advance Cloud-based Video Services (2015-03-18) aveasia.wordpress.com
Now, use your eye as a key (2015-03-18) www.mid-day.com
The top 20 Internet of Things companies right now (2015-03-18) iot-analytics.com
What the IoT can learn from the health care industry (2015-03-19) radar.oreilly.com
MobileEnterpriseStrategies.com: IoT Sensors Extend Our Physical Senses Beyond Our Physical Reach (2015-03-19) mobileenterprisestrategies.blogspot.com
Internet of Things Policies Required By @Vormetric (2015-03-19) cloudcomputing.sys-con.com
I have my opinions on API design (2015-03-20) bryson3gps.wordpress.com
Wireless Sensors Help Scientists Map Staph Spread Inside Hospital (2015-03-20) www.npr.org
Next frontier for Internet of Things: Babies (2015-03-21) www.cnbc.com
HTML6 APIs as Natural Friends (2015-03-21) blog.smartbear.com
Internet of Things rules by US and UK authorities (2015-03-21) iotlaw.net
Tiny motion module aims at Internet of Things-Consumer Electronics-EDN... (2015-03-22) archive.ednasia.com
Manage, monitor, and control all your IoT devices with Overlord (2015-03-23) www.codeproject.com
Machine Data for End-to-End IoT System Monitoring (2015-03-23) dzone.com
Internet of Things Expected to Quadruple in Size by 2020 (2015-03-23) www.govtech.com
Panasonic opens royalty-free portfolio to boost IoT development (2015-03-23) www.zdnet.com
Booting up a new research office at the FTC | Federal Trade Commission (2015-03-23) www.ftc.gov
APIs arent apps Make them as thin and light as possible (2015-03-23) www.infoworld.com
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